RNDr. David Pokluda, Ph.D.



Over 20 years of experience designing and implementing software that meets customer’s needs.
  • Experienced designing large scale web services
  • Experienced implementing backend services (web services, backend processing, etc.) and business applications (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Experienced with large scale projects that serve over 700 million customers
  • Passionate about engineering excellence and growing teams by mentoring
  • Applied for and granted 6 patents across different areas
  • Experience with Azure, C#, C++, CosmosDB, EventHub, Redis, REST, SQL, UML, WCF, Windows, X++
  • Experience with design patterns, SOLID principles, refactoring, test driven development, system architecture, microservices, domain driven design, extreme programming, pair programming, scrum, and agile methodologies
  • Familiar with Python, Java, Linux, and WSL

Soft Skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. While working for EIITE supported customers using various Microsoft technologies on a daily basis. I had to listen to customers' problems, troubleshoot them, and communicate my findings back to them.
  • My educational background gives me good analytic and logical abilities that are very important for solution development and project management.

Work Experiences

  • Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, U.S.A., since December 2009
    Title:  Principal Software Design Engineer
    Type of Applications:  web services, cloud

    Device Update for IoT Hub:
    • Responsible for overall architecture and design of a new Azure offering (Device Update for IoT Hub).
    • Implementing several backend services responsible for publishing, processing, and distribution of device updates.
    • Responsible for design and implementation of the service specification (OpenAPI a.k.a. swagger) and official SDK for C#, Java, Python and TypeScript.
    • Utilizing: C#, Azure, CosmosDB, EventHub, IoT Hub, ServiceFabric, REST based web services.

    Delivery Catalog:
    • Responsible for overall architecture and design of a new content delivery service to distribute Windows and Microsoft Store updates.
    • Implementing main components and REST services responsible for update publishing.
    • Implementing background asynchronous processing pipeline and worker nodes responsible for update processing.
    • Implementing driver scan algorithm to deliver driver updates to millions of Windows devices.
    • Utilizing: C#, Azure Storage, ServiceBus, REST based web services.

    Windows Update:
    • Responsible for the main client web service used for Windows Update with over 700 million connected users.
      Patent pending - Distribution of Portions of Content (Microsoft docket number MS 334039.01).
    • Responsible for designing and implementing backend web service and backend cache infrastructure for Windows application store.
      Implementing distributed cache to further scale the number of served updates and devices.
      Patent pending - Updating Software Components Through Online Stores (Microsoft docket number 339374.02).
    • Utilizing: C#, SQL Server, AppFabric Caching Services, REST based web services, WCF web services.
  • Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, U.S.A., June 2007 - December 2009
    Title:  Software Design Engineer
    Type of Applications:  application integration, LOB connectivity; SharePoint storage services

    Connectivity of line of business (LOB) applications with Office:
    • Responsible for designing and implementing connectivity layer from Office client applications and Office server (SharePoint services) to various Line of business applications (LOB). The connectivity layer was build on top of Business data catalog (BDC) and LOBi platform to enable online as well as offline scenarios for LOB connectivity.
    • Implemented connectivity to SAP and Siebel systems.
    • Received Gold Star Award in 2008.

    SharePoint Server Storage:
    • As a member of the Windows SharePoint Server Storage and Perf team, responsible for Remote Blob Storage integration (RBS) in SharePoint 2010 (version 4.0) and overall upgrade performance.
  • Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, U.S.A., November 2005 - June 2007
    Title:  Software Design Engineer
    Type of Applications:  Application Integration

    Dynamics AX:
    • Responsible for designing and implementing data import framework in Microsoft Dynamics AX. The core of the new import framework is built around XML and XSLT. Non-XML data formats are handled using custom .NET transformations accessible from Dynamics AX using CLR interop.
    • Responsible for Microsoft Dynamics AX core components in application integration framework (AIF) - services like Messaging gateway: Inbound gateway service, Outbound gateway service; Document services: Gateway queue, Inbound processing service, Request processor, Outbound processing service; and Integration layer: Document broker, Send service.
    • Responsible for implementing Web Service adapter in Dynamics AX messaging gateway communicating with customer's Web Services (outgoing web service scenario).
    • Responsible for design, implementation and maintenance of the core framework in Microsoft Dynamics AX dev. automation. The framework became later a feature released with Dynamics AX 4.0 product.
      Patent issued - Test automation for business applications (Microsoft docket number 317809.01, Patent no. 8,074,204 granted on 12/6/2011).
    • Received Gold Star Award in 2006.
    • Received Microsoft MBS Innovation Sandbox Award in 2006.
  • Microsoft Business Solutions, Frydenlunds Alle 6, 2950 Vedbaek, Denmark, October 2004 - October 2005
    Title:  Lead, Software Design Engineer / Test
    Type of Applications:  Test automation frameworks and tools

    Dynamics AX:
    • Lead of Axapta Test Infrastructure and Tools team. Responsible for X++ Test Automation Framework (XPF) and Test Case Editor (TCE) in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Patent pending - Enterprise resource planning system test framework (Microsoft docket number 313211.01).
    • Responsible for deployment and training of all SDE/Ts within Axapta test organization to use XPF.
    • Responsible for design and implementation of a unit test framework for Microsoft Dynamics AX (XUnit).
  • Eurotel (O2), Vyskocilova 1442/1B, 14021 Praha 4, Czech Republic, January 2004 - September 2004
    Title:  Senior IT Specialist for .NET technologies
    Type of Applications:  CRM and billing systems

    • Eurotel, currently known as O2, is the largest provider of wireless voice and data services in the Czech Republic.
    • As .NET specialist responsible for .NET concepts and architecture within the company.
    • Participated in .NET development of the core CRM and billing applications utilizing .NET framework and Microsoft Business Framework.
  • IXOS Software s.r.o., Sokolovska 77/79, 18600 Praha 8, Czech Republic, 2002 - 2003
    Title:  Line Architect, Senior Developer
    Type of Applications:  document management system (client tools)

    • IXOS Software is a worldwide leading provider of solutions for the management of eBusiness documents in inter-enterprise system environments.
    • Responsible for the architectural concept of the products developed in Prague Engineering Line and the compilation of the Engineering Roadmap regarding the products of the Engineering Line.
    • Developing technical specifications for the system and writing conceptual papers.
    • Supporting an Engineering Line Manager in estimating project efforts and cooperating with other Line Architects and with the Architecture and Innovation Department. Member of the Board of Architects held weekly in Munich, Germany.
    • As a Senior Developer responsible for C++ development using Visual Studio .NET (mainly used technologies are: C++, MFC, COM, ATL, UML).
  • EIITE s.r.o. (European Institute of IT Education), Sv. Cecha 1, 70200 Ostrava, Czech Republic, 1998 - 2002
    Title:  developers consultant, technical support, and lecturer
    Type of Applications:  desktop and distributed applications

    • EIITE is a leading company in IT education and support in the Czech Republic. The company is recognized as Microsoft Certified Solution Provider and Microsoft Certified Technical Education Center.
    • Responsible for tasks related to lecturing Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) courses, especially courses for C++ developers.
    • Collaborated on the preparation of new products in development tools courses, especially Visual Studio. NET. Along with these courses prepared and lectured additional curriculum for programming fundamentals in C and C++.
    • Participated in activities of the support department for client's software development as a lead development specialist.
  • POKLUDA, Nadrazni 62, 70200 Ostrava, Czech Republic, 2000 - 2002
    Title:  developer, consultant, and owner
    Type of Applications:  desktop and distributed applications (client/server), internet applications

    • In 2000 I started my own company for small business software development, web development and developer's training.
    • Worked with multiple customers to build software and tools to support their business.
    • Implemented web presentation for multiple small businesses and non-profit organizations.
    • Offered multiple courses covering areas from basic computer skills to advanced software development topics.
  • J.PUR, Jugoslavska 35, 70030 Ostrava, Czech Republic, 1995 - 1998
    Title:  developer
    Type of Applications:  desktop and distributed applications (client/server)

    • J.PUR is a small company offering software development. One of the main clients is the Czech Savings Bank (a member of Erste Bank).
    • As an external employee responsible for developing applications utilizing Turbo Pascal, Borland C++, and FoxPro, and for administrating the Windows NT system.
    • For Czech Savings Bank (a member of Erste Bank) responsible for implementation of a modular application for tracking and calculation of complex loan interests.


  • Mathematical Institute of Silesian University in Opava, Bezrucovo nam. 13, 74601 Opava, Czech Republic, 1991 - 2001
    • Ph.D. degree in 2001 in mathematical analysis (discrete dynamical systems and chaos). During the studies I have published papers in English in respectable mathematical magazines, had talks on international conferences, and led seminars.
    • Doctoral degree (RNDr.) in 1999 in mathematical analysis (discrete dynamical systems and chaos).
    • Master of Science (Mgr.), graduated in 1996 in mathematical analysis (discrete dynamical systems and chaos).
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Microsoft Corp., One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA, U.S.A., 1999 - 2002
    • Analyzing requirements and defining solution architectures (major subjects: analyzing requirements, defining the technical architecture, developing the conceptual and logical design, developing data models, designing a user interface and user services, deriving the physical design). (Exam: 70-100)
    • Designing and implementing web solutions using Visual InterDev (major subjects: Visual InterDev, HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, ADO, MTS, CDONTS, Index Server, ...). (Exam: 70-152)
    • Designing and implementing distributed applications using Visual C++ (major subjects: Visual C++, MFC, DCOM, ATL, Transaction Server, OLE DB, ODBC, SQL Server, ...). (Exam: 70-015)
    • Designing and implementing desktop applications using Visual C++ (major subjects: Visual C++, MFC, COM, ATL, ADO, DAO, ...). (Exam: 70-016)
    • Developing applications with Visual C++ and MFC (major subjects: Visual C++, MFC, Data Storage, System Registry, Debugging, GDI, User Interface, Installation, Application Architecture, ODBC, Win32 API, RPC, ...). (Exam: 70-024)