I am a software developer with years of experience. I specialize in designing and implementing large-scale distributed systems and cloud-based solutions. My expertise extends to leading cross-functional teams and handling projects that scale to over 700 million customers. I am a dedicated mentor and communicator where I blend technical proficiency with strong analytical skills. My approach is grounded in continuous learning and team collaboration.
My primary expertise is in the areas of:
  • distributed systems
  • cloud computing
  • microservices
  • solution architecture
  • software development
  • design patterns
  • SOLID principles
  • domain-driven design
  • test-driven development
  • refactoring
For more details, please see my resume.
Legacy projects and blog
If you came to the page looking for some of my legacy freeware tools, then go to the projects page. If you are looking for my old blog posts then those are currently unavailable (I need to figure out how to publish them on this new site).