Contacts version 2.1


Program for complete control over all your contact information (addresses, e-mails, phones, ...) including date information (birthdays, anniversaries, ...). The Program allows you to store the information in trees for better orientation.

You can download a freeware version of the program on our Download page.


When you start the program you will see two panes. The left pane contains the list of all your contacts and the calendar. Among the contacts you can move by using mouse or keyboard. The right pane displays the detail information about each person from the left pane.


If you can't run the program, then you probably don't have installed the recent version of Microsoft MFC library. You can download the library from our download page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

I have downloaded the program from Internet, but after installing the program I can't start it! It shows an error message. What's wrong?
The program is created so that it is as small as possible. The program uses MFC library but this is not included with the program (because most of the computers already contain this library). If your computer doesn't contain the current version of this library, then the system shows an error message after starting the program. Download the file vcredist.exe from download page and install it.

Support Information:

The new version 2.1 has detailed calendar page. It contains new field to inform you about birthdays, anniversaries and namedays for next 7 days.

Information about previous version 2.0: This version of the program Contacts is a brand new program. Because I have deleted the source files of the version 1.0, I have to recreate the whole program. While doing that I have extended the fields of the program. This also means, that the contacts files PCF version 2 are not compatible with PCF files version 1. If you have contacts in version 1, then export the contacts to the text file (CSV) and then import the file into Contacts version 2.0. The program will automatically detect the version 1.0 text file and import the data correctly.
The program has many new features. As it was already written, there are some extensions in fields (you can have home e-mail and URL as well as business e-mail and URL). This implies another new feature - you can select a preferred e-mail and when you click on send e-mail, the program will compose an e-mail message for this preferred e-mail address.
The program has a new ability of changing the person's label even in the tree view (left pane). When you change the label, then the program will change all the appropriate labels in calendar.
The program has a more powerful import. When you import from CSV text file and the text is not created from Contacts version 1 or 2, then you can tell the program which fields corresponds.
If you find any error in the program, then let us know.

Information about previous version 1.0 Beta 2: This is a beta version of the program. You can use the program for storing and managing all contacts information (similar to Address Book from Microsoft). Program enables to group the contacts into groups and it automatically generates calendar data from the contacts database. If you find any error in the program, then contact us.