CityCode version 3.0


Program for browsing the official database of ZIP (Post Office) codes for the Czech Republic as delivered by Czech Post (the database is included in the program).

You can download a freeware version of the program on our Download page.


Program displays all the post codes for the Czech Republic. For browsing you can use menu, keyboard and mouse. For sorting you can use menu (this will allow to sort ascending only) or mouse (after clicking the header of the column the database will sort ascending according to this column, second click on this header means descending sort according to the same column).
You can search information in the database in all directions (from beginning, from end, forward, backward). For quick browse enter the text on the keyboard and the program will find the appropriate record.
If you want to use data from the database in another application, then double-click the appropriate row (or choose Details from the Database menu or press Alt+Enter) and it will display a dialog containing data from the current row. The data you want to use select by mouse and press Ctrl+C to copy the text to the clipboard. In the other application use Ctrl+V to paste the text to the application. The whole database or just some of the records can be exported and printed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Some city codes aren't correct?
The program uses the official database from Czech Post and is not modified by me. This program is intended only as a graphical tool for browsing, searching and exporting this database. Try to download updated version of the database from Czech Post server, copy it into the programs folder and rename it to CityCode.dbf.

Is it possible to modify the codes?
Yes, but not from this program. I was thinking about this, but then I haven't included this feature into the program. The reason is that when you update the database you would lost all the updates anyway.

I have downloaded the program from Internet, but after installing the program I can't start it! It shows an error message. What's wrong?
The program is created so that it is as small as possible. The program uses MFC library but this is not included with the program (because most of the computers already contain this library). If your computer doesn't contain the current version of this library, then the system shows an error message after starting the program. Download the file vcredist.exe from download page and install it.

The program starts but immediately shows an error message that the file can't be opened! What's wrong?
The program uses Microsoft Data Access Objects environment (DAO) for accessing data. If the environment is not installed on your computer then this or similar message is displayed. Download the file dao.exe from download page and install it. In the first step of the install check JetEngine (you can uncheck ODBC Direct) and in the second step check XBase (you can uncheck all other options). After that the installation would start. After a while a dialog would ask you to enter a third install disc - just click on Ok to proceed and finish the installation.


If the program can't open the data file and you are sure that the file is present, then you probably don't have installed the recent version of Microsoft data access environment on your computer. This environment called Microsoft DAO must be installed (it already is if you use Microsoft Access). You can download the environment from our download page.

If you can't run the program, then you probably don't have installed the recent version of Microsoft MFC library. You can download the library from our download page.

Support Information:

New version 3.0 works correctly with the cities with diacritic character as the first character. The program also contains a possibility of actualization ZIP codes by File/Actualization.

Information about previous version 2.1: The program has corrected error in finding function. It also has a quick search. It is enough to type text on the keyboard and the program will automatically select the nearest record. The data file has been updated as well. The program uses new setup program. The setup adds a shortcut into your start menu and supports uninstall.

Information about previous version 2.0: The program has a brand new way of displaying the records on the screen. It also have new find dialog and there is a new feature of selecting records. This allows you to work with just a subset of records. The export function supports more formats.

Information about previous version 1.5: Program CityCode has improved Find feature. This new Find automatically sets the directions of searching. There is also new item in the menu called Find Next which doesn't display the Find dialog and so makes the work with the program easier and faster. This new feature has key combination Ctrl+G set (the function Go To doesn't use this key combination any more).

Information about previous version 1.4: There were done some minor updates.

Information about previous version 1.3: We have ported our CityCode program in version version 1.3 to the English language. This program allows you to browse, search and print database of city codes for the Czech Republic. The database in DBF format was supplied by the Czech Post.