Programs available on this page are mostly freeware programs. It means that you can freely use them and distribute them (unless you are trying to modify them).

Programs are distributed as installation packages. Download the package and deploy/install it by running it.

Programs distributed in zip archive format are usually for MS-DOS. You have to unzip the files into a local directory. Then you can usually directly start the program from there (without any additional installation).

Programs marked with (CZECH) are available only in Czech language. Other programs are available in English language.

If you like any of the programs then let me know that.

Support files

Download     Description
Download vcredist.exe(1) (mfc42.dll, msvcrt.dll, ...) - necessary for all Windows programs
Download 50comupd.exe(1) (comctl32.dll) - necessary for Contacts
Download dao.exe(1) (2) (Microsoft JetEngine) - necessary for eAttendance, ePost, Dictionary and CityCodes PSC
Go to SQL Server page SQL Server (Data Engine) - necessary for professional versions of applications


Freeware to download

Download     Description
Download Anniversary 2.5.2
Download CityCode PSC 3.0.0
Download Contacts 2.1.3
Download Conversion 2.0.0
Download CZConvert 3.5.0
Download Dictionary 3.5.0
Download eAttendance 1.3.096 Bonus 2009 (CZECH)
Download ePost 3.7.209 Bonus 2009 (CZECH)
Download InkMonitor 2.1.2
Download TesterBV 1.03 Start (CZECH)
Download Verses 2.2.0
(1) After you download the file, start it. It will automatically update or install all the necessary files - maybe you will have to restart the computer.
(2) DAO consists of shared files which are used for an access to a data files. This is official installation package from Microsoft. Install support for JetEngine (not ODBCDirect) and XBase files. If the installation fails, then contact me.


DOS programs

Download     Description
Download Start System
Download Analog watch
Download Czech conversions v. 3.0 - command line (CZECH)
Download Czech conversions v. 3.0 - interactive (CZECH)