Welcome to David Pokluda pages. I am experienced software professional offerring consultations in object-oriented software design, training, and development services to companies around the world. I am currently practicing, teaching and coaching Agile software development, Object Oriented Design, C++/C#, Test Driven Design and Refactoring and iterative development.


  • application development on Windows platform
  • application development on Internet/Intranet
  • consultations in areas of application development and IT in general (development, installation, maintanance, ...)



Small business package called eCompany -- This package consists of many programs for automating various tasks for small/medium sized companies (eAttendance, ePost, ...).

Knowledge management system eKnowledge -- This system is built on proven technologies like Wiki and Blog. On top of that it brings many features known from professional content management systems (tagging, rich formatting capabilities, full-text search, ...).


This site contains:

  • freeware programs and tools free to download
  • information about already realized projects
  • technical support
Technical Support
If you have a problem with any of our products then go to the technical support page - only products downloaded from this server.

For other of our products use choice Pokluda on the web from Help menu in the product.

To see my profile including my previous work experience and list of projects I delivered see Profile.

More information also on my personal Blog or on Twitter.